Deltora Quest – The Forests of Silence

Chapter 7, Page 28.…

“If the Shadow Lord can be patient, so can we,” she said. “We will hide ourselves
away from him for now. But it will not be for fear of our own lives, as he will think. It
will be to keep our child safe, and to prepare for the future.”
She stroked his arm lovingly. “Years will pass and we may die, Endon,” she said.
“But our child will live after us, to reclaim the kingdom and lift this evil from our land.”
Jarred’s heart swelled at her courage. And at that moment he himself found the
courage to face what he must do.
Endon had gathered Sharn close to him. “You are indeed a precious gift,” he was
murmuring. “But you do not understand. Without the Belt our child cannot defeat the
Shadow Lord. The gems —”
“One day the gems will be found,” Jarred broke in…….. (continued)