Attention Friends of Dave Saunders

May 5, 2020

I just wanted to pass along the news that our friend Dave Saunders has passed away.I met Dave on this site many years ago. We struck up a friendship right away and it continued throughout the years.I know not all of you knew Dave but he was a kind and caring man who would bend over backwards for any and all friends in their time of need.I just thought I’d leave this message here for those who may have only known him from conversing with him on this site.He always had such great things to say about his fellow voice artists. I might have been the last person to have spoken to him on the night he died.I can tell you he was in great spirits that night and I pray that he still is. I will miss him and his friendship.
ps I had to upload something. It’s something he helped me edit way back when : ).

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