Intro to Audiobooks for Voice Over Actors

Sunday, October 29 2:00pm-4:00pm EST



Appropriate For: Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals

In this webinar, Edge Studio instructor and alum, Brian Wiggins, will lead students in an audiobook narration crash course.

Class Length: Two Hours


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Do you love reading books and seeing stories come to life? Have a passion for listening to audiobooks on your morning commute, during your workout, or just to wind down? Experienced in voice over, but wanting to branch out into a new market? Well, now is your chance to dive into audiobook narration. Join us for this brand new webinar, Edge Studio’s Intro to Audiobooks with Brian Wiggins.

In this special two-hour webinar, students will receive a crash course in all things audiobook narration. We’ll cover how to get started in the audiobook world, the pros and cons of narrating long-form pieces, and the realities of sustaining a career in this genre. We’ll discuss the inherent differences between fiction and nonfiction and how storytelling differs between each. Fairytales, sci-fi, biographies, romance – you name it. Ever wondered how to interact with authors and publishers, or what goes into the audiobook production process? We’ll cover it all in Intro to Audiobooks.

Intro to Audiobooks is taught by Brian Wiggins, a former Edge Studio student himself, having studied with coaches James Andrews, Jennifer Sims, and Jay Snyder. Since completing his training, Brian has narrated nearly 100 audiobooks and narration projects, published his own book titled The Narrator’s Guide to the Universe of Audiobooks, and has produced a number of  audiobooks and audio drama projects himself.

Intro to Audiobooks will take place virtually on Zoom and will include a brief Q&A at the end of the session. The concepts will be easy to comprehend but there will be a lot of information – please come prepared with an open imagination and to take lots of notes. 

Looking for additional training or want to see if Audiobooks is the right genre of voice over for you? Schedule a Private Evaluation session with one of our coaches, or start your voice over training with Edge Studio’s Investigate Voice Over class.



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