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Thursday, February 2 9:00pm-10:00pm EST



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What’s VO all about, anyway?

Special FREE Introduction to the VO Industry!
‘Voice Acting Industry & Career’ Overview

Voiceover is a fun, fascinating industry, a career well worth considering. In recent decades the field has continually expanded and grown to encompass dozens of VO genres – opening it to a wide range of people having various voice types, personalities, personal interests, and skills. Meanwhile, home studio technology has made it technically accessible to virtually anyone.

Sign up for this FREE orientation for a comprehensive overview of the options available and how today’s VO industry works. Conducted live online, the session is a straightforward look into the world of voice acting.

It gives a broad look at the many voiceover genres and specialties, from audiobooks to phone prompts, commercials or animation to education or corporate videos – different people are suited to different niches

At Edge Studio, we know the industry from every angle. For more than three decades, we’ve been a leading international casting and recording production facility. And we’ve built a coaching and directing team comprised of recognized and amazing voice actors who give back. Our staff is the most dedicated and caring bunch of folks you’ll find, and — just as important — together they have experience in virtually every corner of this industry.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What being a voice actor means. Do you need to be an “actor”?
  • Ways to succeed in non-commercial genres
  • Why home studios are super simple and inexpensive these days
  • Signing with an agent vs simply relying on online auditions

You’ll also learn

  • Why your natural, regular, everyday voice may be your most marketable characteristic
  • How to approach your VO work as a business
  • When it’s time to raise your rates
  • How to know when you’re ready to start working

We’ll conclude with

  • Guidelines to figure out your next steps
  • What those next steps may consist of
  • How to know if voice acting is not for you

And finally,

  • A Q&A session

You’ll come to understand why Voiceover is a super-amazing field; It’s perfect for some people. Yet, not for everyone. You may have questions. We aim to provide realistic answers.

So pick a session and sign up now. Learn how to focus your interest and size up your prospects in the voiceover field.