How to Avoid Scams in the VO Business



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How do you tell if an opportunity is legitimate or too good to be true? There are so many horror stories shared on the internet about voice talent getting scammed by a “client”. Your instructor, Edge Coach and alum Brian Wiggins, will take you through real-world examples, show you how you can spot red flags and how to dig deeper without alienating a potentially legitimate client, followed by a Q&A to help give you the tools you need to boldly go forward with safely building your voiceover business.

At the conclusion of this class, students will:

  • See real-world examples of red-flag communications that had dramatically different outcomes
  • Learn how to spot the red flags that signal that you should investigate
  • Learn how to ask the right questions in a way that won’t alienate legitimate clients
  • Discuss the 5 main types of scams VO actors typically might encounter
  • Learn how to take all the clues in context and make a decision you can live with
  • Learn when to walk away from an opportunity

This class is perfect for both beginners and veterans of the voiceover industry to aid in navigating those tricky times when you’re not quite sure you’re being ripped off or not and help you feel safe, secure, and confident as you look for jobs!

Great news! This class is free to join for anyone enrolled in our Unlimited Program. Learn more about that program and sign up for access to this class and lots of other incredible Edge group sessions here!


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