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John Sevier

Hello there! Overall, nice work on your narration. You have a very warm tone and a nice smooth voice that is enjoyable to listen to. All of your recordings are good, so my comments are just minor observations that hopefully help you refine things.

Just a few things that caught my attention when listening to your recordings:
– JuryServiceV1 – It felt a little rushed, so you should be able to slow your pace a little without feeling like it is dragging. It also comes across as stereotypical uncaring government info. Not sure if that is good or bad, depending on what you were going for, it might read better with a more sympathetic conversational approach.

– JuryServiceV2 – Much better pace. Still the unemotional government info tone. Again, depending on what client wants, that may be fine but if you weren’t going for it, you should be aware.

– STAXV1 – Pace and rhythm feel off on this one. Tone and diction is good but some sentences feel like they are rushed together where there should be a pause and others have a pause where it feels like it should flow together.

-STAXV2 – Pacing is much better on this one, it doesn’t feel quite a rushed, but the rhythm still feels a little off in one or two places.

Again, great job so far and keep it up!