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I agree with Grace that you are well on your way to a great demo. I too would like to hear a little more of you…a little more variability and personality. You have such a nice sound. It sometimes felt like you weren’t letting enough of it out…give us more goodness :). I always notice technical a lot. Just how my ears are. I noticed a heavy rumble or hum in your noise floor. And in some places you have edited it so the difference between the rumble and the edited quieter spots is really noticeable. I played around in audition and izotope with a few different things. Adobe Auditions plain denoise plugin (not the denoise process) seemed to handle it best. I will upload on of the files after briefly doing that so you can here the diff. I wonder if you have either your computer near where you are recording, or a AC or similar on? Sounded like the computer fan perhaps.

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