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Hey Joekett,
Just listened to Merceded-C class. I really like your full voice for this ad. It matches the subject very nicely. Here are just a few minor notes:
1. I hear you differentiating these features: “blue tooth,” “sirius satellite radio” and “surround sound system”. But – I think you could embellish even more. It’s like this car is designed to go to the moon.
2. I think when you finish saying “surround sound system,” you should still have a question mark in your tone (you go down in tone on “system”, so it sounds more declarative than inquisitive).
3. You do a similar thing on “speeds” – you abandon the questioning tone, which is part of what is driving this VO
I really like your ending line. You deliver that so nicely, with just a hint of humor. Makes me want a Benz.
I would very much appreciate your comments on my Costa Rica VO, posted 10-27 at 7:57, or my Cool Jazz VO, posted on 10-25.
Thanks very much and all the best,