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Hey Rusty,

You have a good level volume when you speak, but I would look at improving the audio quality. I hear electronic feedback during your words and in between, I would check if you hear those sounds after reviewing the raw recording, then listen again between processing steps to see what may be causing it. Sometimes an effect setting work one day, but you may find need adjustment the next time because they’re working too hard under new conditions.
Also watch for plosives, I caught one soft one at :12 and another at 1:01 in EOB.
There also appears to be an occasional creak or pop after a word like at :18 of EOB, maybe your chair is making noise.
You may also want to watch for occasional sibilance on your “S” there was a sharp one at :30 at the end of “scripts.” You can fix these sometimes by either lowering the decibel level on just that S, or sometimes just removing a small section of it and making sure it still sounds natural after. I didn’t hear any other spots that were particularly sibilant.

Aside from those bits, nice professional tone to your reads.