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Edge Studio Coach

Hi everyone!! I had suuuuuch a great time with you all at the Home Studio Show & Tell last week. I’m SO grateful for Dale and Micah, who were both amazing in so many ways.

Dale Strickland: what a CHAMPION. Showing us his setup and ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES of a good ole 2020 style zoom bomb. lol.

Here are Dale’s socials:
Tweets by DaleWStrickland

And here is his gear List:
AT2020 XLR
Zoom H4N
Adobe Auditin & iZotope RX 8
Sound proofing is a mix of cheap acoustic foam, canvas bags stuffed with rockwool, a closet full of clothes, and a goose down duvet.

And MICAH BALL! Joining us with his dulcet tones from Colorado!

Here are ways to keep up with Micah:


Seizure Salad Podcast

And here is Micah’s gear list:

DAW= Adobe Audition 3.0 & I have started to learn Reaper

PreSonus 3.5 studio monitors

Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones

D/I: PreSonus Bluetube v2 preamp into a PreSonus Audiobox usb96

Sound treatment: VB2Go Producer’s Choice sound blankets, foam wedges on one wall, angled ceiling and creative mic placement.

Travel: Vocal Booth To Go (1st generation) plus a sound blanket on a stand when I am away from home.


Main= AT-4033 (bought in 2001 & still my workhorse)

Podcasting= Shure SM7B (running through a Cloudlifter CL-1 mic activator)

Singing / xtra podcast mic= Shure 55SH (the “Elvis mic”)

Travel= Zoom H6 Handycam w/ interchangeable mic capsules

Other= 4 NT-USB Minis (won in an international podcast competition), RODE NT-USB, &

MXL-R40 ribbon microphone

IF you missed the whole episode, we’ve got it right here (zoom bombing omitted):

Let’s hear it for Dale and Micah again. They are GEMS.