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Hi Lindsay,

You have good articulation and variety in your energy/tempo. That was especially on display with the piece on plastics. Really felt like you were connecting with kids as you went along. You also have the ability to treat the script like a short story with a beginning middle and end. That’s something my coach said to look for and you really have that going with that one.

The depreciation copy was good and hit home for me because I’m in need of new laptop and I felt like you were educating me on why mine has slowed down so much over time. You were balanced and appropriately “instructional” in your approach.

I liked the park piece as well, though perhaps the pacing dipped a bit midway? Only say that because your energy perked up towards to the end and I felt was a great close. Don’t mean to say that it wasn’t a good read, just that I found myself really noticing the end which was bright and gave me the feeling of setting of on a nice walk.