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Dear Ilene,

You have aa sweet voice and energetic style! In regards to your Maybeline lipstick read, I liked how you said It’s what the French did for the kiss, you could even give it a little more. I would maybe emphasize luscious and lips great words to emphasize for s*x appeal. On your Popeyes chicken read, I loved the energy especially you singing at the end! However, I would really ask the question, “Do you have a craven for Cajun?” you know picture someone your talking too! and your Sesame Street read was right up your alley as far as tone goes. If I had to criticize the read. I would Shorten the word “Here” but keep the tone and volume the same. Try to stay connected with your copy, like your talking to a friend or kids watching tv. You are great and wish you great success! Thank you for letting me give you my two cents worth, feel free to criticize me as well, I’m a few pages back.