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Hello Edge Friends!

Could you pls. take a listen and provide honest feedback on my 3 commercial reads attached? Appreciate it and thank YOU!

At Freshii you can customize your entree and be your own culinary master. So what’s in your custom bowl? Tex Mex with black beans and a little salsa fresca? Teriyaki twist with a pop of pineapple? Whatever your fresh idea, get any 2 bowls for just $12.99! Freshii – Eat. Energize! 

Inside of me lives a little girl who was fierce and bold and completely free. Now I’m the one people depend on. But that little girl…I know she’s still there, because I’ll always be an Ivory girl. That’s Ivory. Still 99.44% pure. Pure clean. Pure beautiful. Pure me. … Forever fresh…classic Ivory clean.

Breyers Ice Cream:
At Breyers, we’re churning out an amazing new ice cream
. One with double the whoa… double the wow
. New Double Churned from Breyers. 
The richest, creamiest tasting Breyers ice cream ever. 

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