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The first thing I like is that you’re finding the moods that go with the scripts. On the Landmark script, I liked the 2nd half more than the first. You did well in conveying that you care. The 1st part where you describe what’s going on seems a little too harsh. I think (and who am I, right?) that using the same emotion from the 2nd half for the 1st half as well could be effective. On the truffles script, the “…irresistibly smooth, luscious…” part was well done. The rest was kind of flat. I know for me, in my mind I think I’m giving a lot of variation in my voice, but when I hear it back, I have to remind myself to go over the top because my over the top is what everyone else hears as normal. Other than that I would look up some enunciation exercises and be aware of rushing. Keep ’em coming!