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Hi there! For starters, let me just say I love your voice. I do have a few bits of constructive criticism for you, however. I’ll admit that I am no professional in this regard (yet) but this is my honest impression of your recordings.

Your biggest problem overall, I’d say, is that while your voice would be absolutely perfect for an audiobook or similar type of narration, it doesn’t work as well with the scripts you’ve chosen, which seem to be meant to be more friendly or personal. In addition, the ‘Would you like to buy a house’ one seems fairly too slow-paced, when it feels like a faster pace would work better with the tone of the script. That being said, I was pleased when immediately afterwards I went on to listen to the 3Com one and discovered you were capable of a faster pace – it still had a few awkwardly long pauses here and there, but overall it was much better.

All in all, I think you have a lot of potential – I’m unaware of whether you’re aiming for a particular field or not, but this seems like a good area to work on. You’re doing great work – keep it up!