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Hey Y’all!

I tried posting earlier but it seems to not have successfully posted, so if this is a repeat, I apologize! If not, here are a few reads for my HW. Any comments, criticisms, notes of any kind are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

– Max

Hey… if life were perfect, magazines would never smell like perfume, dogs would walk themselves, and algebra would actually come in handy. Well, look on the bright side, at least there’s AMSTEL LIGHT. It has only 95 calories, but you still get real imported taste. Who says nothing’s perfect?…Amstel Light.

Open a bottle of Honest Tea-and discover an honest world. Filled with real brewed organic tea leaves and delicious organic honey.
Or you could just take a look at the label.
Honest Tea. Refreshingly honest.

Crayola Color Wonder Markers color only on special paper. So your kids can express their creativity more often…in more places…with less mess. Crayola Color Wonder. It starts with Crayola.

Do you know me? Probably not. In my business, recognition is always important, but when I’m buying goods online I prefer a little privacy. With Private Payments from American Express, I get the security of a unique number created for each business transaction I make. Because my private information is my business, and American Express keeps it that way.

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