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Hey all – here’s a narration script I would like to get some feedback on if possible. Below is the script. They’re looking for a “bold and deep voice”.

Great flavor starts with a perfectly trim cut of meat.
It’s born from a well-balanced brine – one with real sugar.
It’s nurtured by a slow cook in a small batch. We’re talking very slow. 12 hours slow.
It thrives in smoke – real smoke, from real hardwood chips.
And that smoke better be timed just right.

Flavor is an experience that comes from experience,
5 generations worth.
You get it from passionate people who know a lot, and who want to know a lot more.
And when dedicated folks make mouthwateringly great flavored meat, it’s something we just have to share.

Flavor for family,
Flavor for friends,
From us.

Tastes good, right?

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