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Hi suecat, I like that you’ve become more relaxed in your delivery, which certainly provides a good flow and natural sound. However, you don’t want to get too relaxed because you need to match the pacing of the images that the listener might be seeing on the screen. For the Peet’s Coffee, there could be different images of Marie, portraying different characters as a ballet dancer. Then when you switch to Alfred Peet, consider a different way to emphasize his name. It sounds nit-picky, but he’s a coffee brewer and not a ballet dancer, so I’m just suggesting that there might be a different feel to his character in the way you say his name. Continue to keep your read in pace with the imagery, building up to that tag line at the end, which needs to be delivered with a hint more pride. Overall, your reads are always so pleasant and relatable to listen to. Good job!