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Hey Everybody,
I’m working on my studio, aka, closet, so please let me know how that sounds in addition to your other feedback. Thank you so much for listening and commenting.

Motel 6 Do-over
I’ve just been hearing about this trendy new hairstyle called a man bun. I mean what’s next the hee hive? well Motel 6 recently got a new updo of sorts too with renovations nationwide and even with our fresh modern look you’ll still find rooms at the lowest price of any national chain so you can save up enough money to get yourself a haircut or maybe a hat.
We’ll leave the light on for you, at

Kids hate the word no. As in no you can’t stay up late, no you can’t have more ice cream and no, you may not paint the cat. No, no, NO! Well isn’t it time for a yes? We think so. Six Flags Great Adventure. Yes!

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