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Troy C

Hi there! I recorded a couple scripts for my narration lessons. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Edison and Tesla Biography
“Obsessed with his work and known to be an exacting boss, Edison had an ego as incandescent as his light bulbs, a sense of his own greatness that was undoubtedly justified. He was also incredibly competitive, willing to do whatever was required to ensure that his idea won out.
Born in Serbia, Tesla was a different kind of genius. Whereas Edison was an eternal experimenter and tinkerer, Tesla was a human calculator, and his ability to work out complex math and physics equations in his mind helped him achieve early career success in Europe.”

Inside Halo Infinite
“Welcome back to the latest edition of Inside Infinite. If you’re a longtime viewer, you know first-hand that this is the place where we sit down with the teams building Halo Infinite, to learn more about them and their processes than we ever have before.
If you’re just joining us, welcome! We’re glad to have you – but before diving into today, we’d highly recommend checking out previous editions. So far, we’ve had the chance to chat with quite a few teams around 343 Industries, including Graphics, Sandbox, Campaign, Audio, and PC- so be sure to get caught up and hear from them in their own words before we dive into today’s edition of Inside Infinite.”

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