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Commercial: I chose this one because the subject matter – insurance – sounds like the definition of boring. So, I took it as a challenge to make it sound good. Here is the text I used:

We’ve all been there
All of a sudden, your “check engine” light comes on
Insurance covers your vehicle from accidents,
But did you know it doesn’t cover expensive breakdowns?
If your manufacturer’s warranty is expired or is about to run out,
You’ll be on the hook for unexpected repairs
Breakdowns used to mean paying thousands out of pocket … until now
No matter how miles your car has, if it’s under 20 years old, Endurance has you covered.
With Endurance’s protection, if you break down, just choose the local repair shop you trust.
Endurance pays them directly. No complicated paperwork, no checks in the mail. Endurance takes care of all of it for you.
Your plan even covers 24/7 roadside assistance: Endurance jumps your battery, tows, delivers gas, changes a flat, unlocks your car, and more!
Endurance is the No.1 trusted expert in vehicle protection
We offer affordable down payments, low monthly plans, flexible terms, and a money-back guarantee
Call now, and we’ll upgrade you to an Endurance Elite Membership free!
Call 800-370-3827 for a free price quote. That’s 800-370-3827

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