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Continued practice! Trying out some more narration, all comments are appreciated- especially those focused on performance! The author’s name is pronounced a little strangely so I looked it up before making my recording to make sure it is correct.

What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happier? A pay rise? Your dream house? According to happiness experts, we now know more than ever about what can make us happier and what can’t. “Most of us think that having millions or a sports car would make us happy,” says Dr. Nick Powdthavee, author of The Happiness Equation, “but we’ve found the things that brought people the most happiness were those they had already, such as friends and family.”

Some of us are born with personality traits that keep us on a natural high. Psychologists have now identified over 130 traits that corelate to being naturally happy or glum. Not naturally joyful? Try and work on these: You’re naturally happy if you are: Extroverted, understanding, self-confident, creative, assertive and practical. You’re naturally unhappy, if you anger easily, are self-conscious, anxious and almost always feel stressed. So, what is it, that makes you happy or glum?

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