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Thanks for the feedback Robert! Appreciate the noise level info; sometimes it’s hard to know what sounds too loud. For the first one I wanted to pick something really different musically (to me at least) which you don’t hear every day and which sounds like its stirring the p*t musically. Definitely did not want it to be too distracting.

I use Audacity too! The price is right 🙂 I download background music from – sooo much stuff and it is also free! Then I googled how to add music to my recordings, and it’s actually very simple. First, do the recording and get it how you want it, then go to File – import – audio, select the music and it adds as a second track. I then adjust the gain to -14 db for the audio track at least (varies, depending on the track). You can cut and paste the loop as long as you need to match the length of the recording. If that does not make sense, Google can show you much better than my written description. Good luck and I’ll be waiting to hear a background from you! Thanks,