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Hello, Edge Community. I am looking for feedback on my read for this script. Feedback on both technique and audio are welcome. Thank you for your time.

Spec: The user will be guided through the training course by a Professor avatar. The professor is between 50 and 60 years old. The speaker will lead through the training as a (sometimes a little bit absent-minded) professor. The voice should be friendly and inviting. He should convey this dry topic in a playful, relaxed, and factual way. The target-group is employees in technical development, but also people who only deal with the topic on the periphery.

Script: There are different variants of hybrid drives. One of them is the so-called parallel hybrid. For this variant, the electric motor and the combustion engine work together to propel the vehicle, by having both of them connected to the transmission. When fuel reaches the engine or the electric motor is switched on, the generated power propels the car. The energy management system determines when to operate the electric motor and when to switch to the internal combustion engine.

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