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I’m gonna regret this, But here it is Bil-bo!

Disney character intro
Howdy folks, I’m Ray the firefly, how y’all doing. Don’t make me light my b**t now! Now folks, I’d like to introduce you to my beautiful wife, there she is the most beautiful firefly of all, Evangeline. Look how she lights up the sky. Hey there Ray, mind if I but in for a minute to say hi? Don’t see why not, everyone else is going to in a couple of seconds. Hi everyone, hi there poo boy, was going to give my introduction, how are you anyway? I’m good I wish I had some honey, don’t look now but here comes eeore. Hi every body, Eeore, why the long face there buddy? I lost my tail again. I’ll help you find it this time but don’t try to loose it again would ya buddy. Hi everyone, oh look it’s Mickey, how are you Mickey? I’m fine, how are you I’m good, say uhhh where’s Minnie? She is is right here, hi everyone, hiya Minnie great to see ya , oh me too. Looks like this is going to be a luvy dovey fest, so folks let’s get this how on the road.

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