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Hi Brian!

I have been trying to get my feedback to you posted, but I had some issues with the forum.

Overall: Nice reads. Good job on pitch and tone variations.

Script 1: In the opening line, you changed the read, from: It’s not that you’d… to It’s not like you’d…. I am not sure if I would go up in pitch at the ends of the sentences, considering they are not questions, but with that said, it is a different delivery that seems to stand out from the expected. At the same time, the pace/tone on this read sounded the best in your third sentence (at least to me).

Script 2: I liked the delivery. Good tone and pacing. Watch for micro-pausing not intended — noticed a slight break in your third sentence.

Script 3: I, too, liked this read the best. Maybe a little more variation in your first set of lists?: on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more. (I did catch an added “on”; just be mindful of this — I think it’s common to do when trying to sound as natural as possible.)

I hope this is helpful! I believe we have the same vocal coach, and I am working on some of the same things you are practicing.

Keep it up! Good job!


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