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Okay, I did something different for tonight. It’s definitely narration, but I channeled my inner Rachel Ray for this totally off-the-cuff ad-lib for a real cocktail recipe. Hey, it’s the New Year! 🙂

So this might be more on air improv, and I broke all the VO rules, but hey… it was fun. Let me know what you think!

I have included the original draft script I put together, too, so you can see just how much the audio compares to the original script. I actually skipped a step, and I was bummed, but it allowed me to figure out how to copy and paste in Audacity! Yay!

I am (now) aware I said ‘orange liquor’ instead of ‘orange liqueur’. I can edit that, now that I know how to. 🙂 I also dipped down on the very last word of the last sentence, too. Unlike other parts of the read, I did not plan that, lol — but I was not doing it over! If you are curious, this was my third take, but first take of the entire script. I messed up in the very beginning on the first couple of tries.

Thank you for any feedback! Happy New Year! Cheers!


French 75 Tutorial

Happy New Year!

Let’s celebrate with a classic cocktail — the French 75!

Here’s how to make it:

The first thing you are going to do is add one ounce of gin into your shaker … followed by half an ounce of simple syrup … and three-quarter ounce lemon juice.

Add some ice, and shake well … now fine strain into a flute … slowly top off with Champaign … and finally garnish with a lemon twist … and that’s how you make a French 75!

Another version is to substitute the Champaign with sparkling wine. Whatever floats your bubbles…

Cheers, my friends!

Here’s to new beginnings…

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