The core of anyone’s voice over training is the one-on-one consultation that you receive from a professional. It is the only way for you to truly develop your skills as a voice artist. Whether you are a novice looking to get started or a working professional needing to hone your skills, Edge Studio has an array of coaches who can help you meet your voice over goals.

Home Studio Consultation

Do you need help setting up your home studio? Do you need to troubleshoot some technical problems? Do you need help picking the right mic for your voice? Which editing software should you use? All these questions – and more – can be answered in this one-on-one session with Edge’s Home Studio Experts.

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DAW Consultation

Looking to record, edit, and produce your own voice over audio files? You’ll need to learn the basics of a DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation. In this one-hour consultation, one of our audio engineering experts will answer any questions and provide insight about the DAW software.

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Business and Marketing Consultation

While our Marketing Classes cover the basics of VO Marketing, from strategy and contacts, to invoicing and gaining long-term clients, sometimes you have more in-depth questions that need answers. Additionally, you may want to sit down with a marketing professional to look over the work that you are already doing, and give you honest feedback on your website, your demos, and your branding.  That is why you may prefer a Private Business and Marketing Consultation.

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Social Media and Branding Consultation

It’s the modern world, and in addition to having a website with demos, much of our personal marketing happens on social media. Are you lost in the labyrinth of LinkedIn, or do you open Instagram and promptly close it with thoughts of “I can’t even,” swirling in your head? Our social media specialist Siobhán O’Loughlin is unafraid to go into the depths of the internet with you. Together, you’ll outline core goals for each platform that emphasize your unique voice and what you have to offer. Authenticity is the name of the game, and we’re going to help you create an online presence that is authentically you.

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