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Sometimes it’s helpful
to talk with someone very experienced.
An amazing – free – 1 hour live & interactive Zoom event!

Just join in (no registration necessary) via Zoom, ask your questions, and get candid, straightforward answers.

Simple. And helpful.

Third Thursday each month, 9pmET/6pmPT.

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Edge Studio has sponsored this monthly, free event for Voice Actors since March 2020!  Join us!

Have questions about the voice over industry?

That’s understandable, we know there are many questions to answer.

Sometimes it helps to talk with someone experienced at guiding people in voice-over. We’re always glad to share our knowledge with you.

Join Siobhan O’Loughlin, Edge Studio’s fabulous host, David Goldberg, Edge Studio’s founder, and amazing industry experts, for this free 1 hour LIVE AND INTERACTIVE zoom event!